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GO! QUBE 10″ Companion Set – Corners


This set is all about the corners! Easily make the units by sewing Half Square Triangles onto the corners.

Make a wide variety of 4-patch blocks: Bowtie, Snowball, Signature Block, Pinwheels, Stars, Braids and more! Great for making baby quilts, quick & easy projects or fun borders.

The GO! Qube 10” Companion Set – Corners includes four dies, each labelled with a number 9 to 12.1 which extends the 1 to 8 die numbering system of the GO! Qube 10” Mix & Match Block. There are 9 patterns PLUS 1 quilt pattern included with numbered shapes to tell you which die to use so it makes it easy to know which shapes you need for each block.

GO! Dies included (with quilt shape number)

  • GO! Chisels-2-1/2” x 5” Finished (Shape 9)
  • GO! Signature Block-5” Finished Square (Shape 10)
  • GO! Bowtie-5” Finished Square (Shape 11.1)
  • GO! Half Square Triangle-1-1/4” (Shape 12.1)
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NOTE: You must own a GO! Qube Mix & Match Set before adding the same-sized Companion Set

The possibilities are endless when you add the Companion Set! Pair these 4 dies with your GO! Qube 10″ Mix & Match Block (AQ55797) and your GO! Qube Companion Set – Angles (AQ55799) and get 216 blocks to choose from!


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