Why choose a local Retailer?

By selecting your local retailer during the sign up process, you are supporting them by choosing who gets the profit from any orders you make on our site.

Our network of Retail Stores benefit from your support and they, in turn, provide you with additional services. They have access to competent technical staff and equipment, tools, and machinery. They will perform a pre-delivery check on all machines sold and ensure you are comfortable with your purchase.

Can I return my item/s?

Please choose wisely. Goods cannot be returned or exchanged if you have simply changed your mind.

All return enquiries must be directed to the Retailer where your purchase was made.

How often should I get my machine serviced?

HQ recommendation is every 10 million stitches if you are classed as just an at home user. If a commercial user this can be pushed out to 15 million, please make sure you are getting this servicing from a qualified Technician.

Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff branded machines are more dependant on amount of usage, if you are a heavy user then annual service is recommended, however you can be guided by your Retailer.

I have found an item I like but it is not on your site, can you get it?

For availability of items other than those displayed on our site, contact your local retailer directly.

How long does the Warranty last?

The standard Warranty on Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff Machines are for 2 years from the date of purchase, when used for normal household or domestic purposes and 6 months for other uses, against defect arising from faulty materials or workmanship. Once registered online the domestic warranty is extended to five years for mechanical and electronic parts and includes a two (2) year warranty on Labour.

The HQ Warranty is 10 years limited manufacturer’s warranty – we warrant the sewing head is free of casting or machining imperfections causing product failure. 5 years mechanical warranty and 5 years Electronic/Electrical Warranty and includes a two (2) year warranty on Labour.

What if I am having problems with my sewing machine?

Please contact your retailer for assistance with any technical and/or warranty claims.

Needles, Light Bulbs, Belts, Knives, and Loopers are not covered by the Warranty.

Remember you will need your proof of purchase for any warranty claim.

Where should I get my machine serviced?

For Machine Servicing please contact your local Retailer, they have trusted technicians who have been trained on our Brands.

Please do not take it to “the guy up the road, he is way cheaper” as we doubt he will have had the training required to service your machine correctly. He also most likely won’t have access to genuine spare parts or software updates for your branded machine, also doing this will void your Warranty! Also cheap is not generally good!